History of Lexicon Attorneys

The history of the firm which is Lexicon today, if charted, would look like a complex web of tributaries converging in the river which flows with its combined strengths. 

The contemporary Lexicon is an amalgamation of nine Eastern Cape based legal entities with scope to grow even more. Over the past few years the Port Elizabeth firms of Oosthuizen Hazell and Wilmot, Daniel Saks, Jankelowitz Scharges, Van der Walt Oosthuizen, Shrosbree Trustees, Sean Johnson and Wilke Weiss van Rooyen have all joined forces with the firm which at the start of this process was already known as Lexicon Attorneys. 

The history of the firm can therefore be traced back along many and varied paths, with the furthest trace being as far back as 1875- an unbroken period of practice of over 150 years. 

Lexicon draws from its rich, multi-threaded tapestry to be the modern law firm that it is, whilst acknowledging its diverse past. 

The demands of a high pressured digital society are such that our history is constantly evolving, an exhilarating journey!